How to Restore your Wood Deck’s Former Glory

We have been using lumber for various purposes such as homes, weapons, furniture, paper, and tools. Our relationship with wood remains intact. This is probably because of our connection to nature. But, as with other natural materials, a good looking wood can lose its original glory quickly, especially when they are used for building outdoor structures.

Wooden deck and even Fiberon decking can lose their vibrant color and detail and may look dull and grey. Fortunately, there are things you can do to refinish or clean your wood deck. These make it possible to restore their natural beauty without replacing or refurbishing it. Consider the tips below:

Clean the Wood

When was the last time you cleaned your deck? If it has been a while, it’s time to pay attention to how it looks. Usually, a stain, chemical cleaning, and reseal can prolong the life of your deck. If it is dirty and clean, a deck cleaning solution can take care of it. You can find on in the market including peroxides, bleaches, and acids.

Depending on how messy your deck is, a good washing can be just what it needs. But, before you start washing, take a close look at the deck. Can you find loose nails or surface stains? Is there excess debris? If so, address these problems right away. Once you’re done, it’s time to give the deck a thorough hose-down. For tough stains, use power washers. These can also remove the wood fibers that have been damaged by the sun. Just ensure you don’t set the washer too high since the pressure can damage the wood and current stain.

Stain the Wood

To give your deck a brand new look, you need to stain it. Buy a quality stain designed for the kind of wood your deck is made of. It should sit on the surface and penetrate through the pores of the wood and into the fiber. This offers an improved protection against moisture. You can find deck stains in various compositions such as oil-based, eco-friendly, and wax options. Stains are also available for in different shades. Pick a stain based on the kind of deck wood and the wood’s age. You can pain the deck like you would paint a wall. You need to use staining-specific pads and brushes, trays, and rollers. Start by brushing the stain across each board and spread the stain evenly. Ensure you apply an even coat before a part of the stain dries.